File ContainerADM BWF
First Frame of Action (FFOA)Prohibited
DurationMatched to corresponding stereo asset
Frame Rate24
Max Number of Channels128
Bit Depth24
Sample Rate48 or 96 kHz
5.1 Downmix ModeDirect Render
Binaural MetadataRequired (Not “All Off”)
Max Integrated Loudness-18.0 LKFS
Max True Peak-1.0 dBTP

Additional Notes

  • All deliverables SHALL conform to the Dolby Atmos Music Master Specification and the Dolby Atmos
    Master ADM Profile
  • If present, audio in the LFE channel of the deliverable SHALL be band limited using a low pass filter with
    a cut off frequency of between 100 and 150 Hz.
  • The Integrated (Average) Loudness for a track SHOULD NOT fall below -31.0 LKFS, as measured by
    BT.1770-4 loudness analysis run on a 5.1 downmix of the ADM BWF with 5.1 downmix mode and trim
    controls set as they are in the final deliverable.
  • Empty object channels will be flagged for approval in QC reports as they may indicate certain audio
    elements have been erroneously excluded from the mix.
  • Binaural metadata assignments that are entirely set to Mid will be flagged for approval in QC reports as
    this condition may indicate the binaural presentation was neglected in the mixing process and simply
    left at default values.